The Rise Of Paul Chen Swords

Paul Chen and his company Hanwei have become the titan of Japanese and Chinese swords and knives. Having studied the sword-making techniques of the masters for many years, Chen began making a name for himself as a sword maker. Today, his company Hanwei is known throughout the world for producing some of the finest samurai and broad swords on earth.

Even as a young man who marveled at the talents of expert sword makers in Taiwan, Chen developed a passion for perfection. That tendency found a perfect home in the craft of sword making as Chen focused his own hard-won skills on learning new techniques for forging, polishing and heat-treating the blades. Over the past few decades, samurai swords have enjoyed renewed interest as collectors have taken notice of the fine weaponry. Yet, while many manufacturers have concentrated on pushing huge volumes of swords onto the market, Hanwei continues to design swords meticulously.

The blades from Hanwei are secured to a fixed handle, remaining true to the authenticity of relic samurai swords from a time long-since passed. Made from high-carbon steel, the katanas are highly-regarded due to their strength and resilience as well as Chen’s stubborn adherence to the sword making techniques used by the masters long ago. Even though a few samurai sword aficionados have taken Chen and Hanwei to task for the process by which they forge the swords, Chen focuses on delivering authentic swords for a reasonable price.

Over the years, Chen and his employees have relied largely upon customer feedback to dictate how to improve the swords and knives they produce. Blending the feedback of others with his own intimate knowledge of sword making, Chen emphasizes an appreciation for the traditional ways of sword craftsmanship. While his position in the industry provides him the opportunity to cut corners and delivers lesser-quality weaponry, Chen’s heart and lifelong passion lead him in the opposite direction.