Selecting Paul Chen Swords For Your Collection

Paul Chen and his sword-manufacturing company Hanwei have established a reputation for exquisite swords and knives. With a delicate balance of fine craftsmanship, excellent durability and reasonable prices, Chen and his army of sword makers have produced some of the finest authentic Japanese, Chinese and European swords ever forged. Collectors around the world eagerly wait for the latest additions to the Hanwei production line, anticipating classics in the making.

Hanwei produces hundreds of weapons that deserve a place in every collector’s inventory. Many budding collectors begin with the Practical Katana line of samurai swords. This line includes the base model as well as the Pro, Plus and Elite models. Others prefer the Ninjato. Smaller than a katana, these ninja swords offer a straight blade instead of the curved blade of the katanas. Other Hanwei swords like the Praying Mantis Katana offer both beauty to any sword collection.

For those who prefer a heavier weapon that comes shrouded in a shade of historical intrigue, the Ronin Katana offers a magnificent folded blade and a simple, yet elegant hilt. Upon losing their master, a samurai was expected to commit hara-kiri. Those who didn’t suffered great shame and roamed the land, shunned by all. They were called Ronin and carried these blades for hire and protection.

The Tiger Katana is often sought by experienced collectors with an eye for fine craftsmanship and uncommon beauty. While all Hanwei swords encompass both, the Tiger Katana is considered one of the top models from the Hanwei house. The folded blade is constructed of a powdered Swedish steel and is forged using a style that dates back to 700 A.D. The claying process used results in a blade that has a startling ability to absorb shocks.

There’s a Paul Chen Sword for every collector. The Hanwei line of weaponry offers swords for every budget. Some, such as the Practical Katanas, can be purchased for under $200. Other swords, like the Praying Mantis Katana, cost well over $1,000. As your collection of katanas slowly grows, you’ll likely find yourself anticipating the next classics to come off of the Hanwei production line.