Paul Chen – Musashi XL Light Japanese Samurai Katana

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Key Features: ; ; Massive XL Light Blade Geometry ; Authentically constructed ; Built for Martial Artists ; ; Specifications: ; ; Overall length: 41″ ; Blade length: 28 1/2″ ; Handle length: 11″ ; Weight: 2lb 9oz ; Point of Balance: 5 1/2″ ; Width at Guard: 1.45″ ; Width at Tip: 1.11″ ; Thickness at Guard: .26″ ; Thickness at Tip: .18″ ; Sori: 3/4″ ; ; ; Miyamoto Musashi, arguably the most famous swordmaster in Japanese history, fought more than 60 duels before retiring and writing his famous treatise on swordplay, the “Book of Five Rings”. Development of the two-sword style of swordplay, with the Daito (long sword) and Wakizashi being used together, is credited to Musashi. Mounted in black, the Musashi Elite is faithful to the original down to the famous double-ring iron tsubas. The tsuka-ito is in leather over ray skin. The blades are hand-forged in high-carbon steel, with new geometry to enhance cutting ability. It is edge-tempered using the traditional clay tempering method, resulting in a distinct hamon. Edge hardness is HRC60, back hardness HRC40. The grip is double-pegged to the tang for safety. The cutting style katanas (Elite, XL, XL Light) include a traditional maintenance kit. ; ; Competitive Cutting / Lighter Weight ; ; The XL Light blades feature the same geometry as those of the XL but incorporate deeply cut grooves (bo-hi) to reduce the weight of the blade while retaining most of its strength and cutting ability. This weight reduction makes for a quicker sword, well adapted for multiple cuts in lighter targets. ; ; Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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