Historical Overview of Paul Chen Swords

If you mention the name Paul Chen to a samurai sword enthusiast, you’re likely to see the hint of a smile or a gaze that suggests an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. For years, Paul Chen has reigned as one of the premier sword makers alive. His story began in Taiwan where he was raised. He spent long hours admiring the swords made by others, longing for them intensely. His enchantment with the weapons followed him as he grew to manhood. He began making swords for others, immersing himself in the craft. In 1991, he made the decision that would ultimately lead to the birth of a legacy.

In 1991, Chen decided to make the move from sword maker to sword manufacturer. He relocated to the city of Dalian, China where he could find the talent needed to create the high-quality swords and knives for which he wanted to build a reputation. In 1993, he formed Dalian Hanwei Metal Co. Ltd. and started building his company around a largely hand-chosen group of managers and sword makers. During the mid-1990’s, Chen pushed his company in another direction. They added European swords to their line of samurai swords. The name Paul Chen quickly became associated with fine sword craftsmanship as his products began making their way into collectors’ hands.

In 2002, Chen moved much of his operation to a large facility where he could take advantage of production efficiencies that were, until then, unavailable to him. By this time, his company (Hanwei) had ballooned to over 300 talented employees. Each of them were devoted to either overseeing, inspecting, making, or testing the hundreds of weapons produced there. Today, the name Paul Chen continues to be nearly synonymous with high-quality, finely-crafted swords. The momentum that his company spent decades building is only matched by the quality of their products.