Chinese Swords

Chinese swords are highly regarded because they resemble the swords that have been used through history by the Chinese hierarchy. They are known for their superior craftsmanship as well as practicality of use. Most common in regard to Chinese swords are the single edged style of swords. These swords are able to be used for cutting as well as stabbing and have been in use for thousands of years.

More specifically, there are two different unique types of Chinese swords that are popular amongst the masses. These swords are the Jian and the Dao. The Jian is actually double edged and has roots that trace back over the past three thousand years. The older Jian swords are known for being shorter than the modern day ones. In addition to that, they were generally made out of bronze as opposed to steel. In general, the Jian swords can measure anywhere between 36 and 32 inches in length.
The Dao is the other type of Chinese swords that are very popular among collectors and enthusiasts. The Dao has a single edge that is very sharp along with a curved blade. These swords date back about 700 to 800 years in ancient China. In the 1600’s it was thought to be a useful fighting weapon during conflicts.

Since the Chinese swords were mainly used in battle it was important that the blades be able to stand up to some punishment. They were designed to be flexible yet very hard as they could not break during battle. That said, since the blade was so important each sword was crafted by hand and tested before put into use. This process could take months to complete but it was necessary in order to provide adequate protection to warriors who would be using the swords in battle.

If you are in the market for Chinese swords you need to check out the strength of the blade above all else. Make sure that it has been properly built and tested. If you are purchasing from someone that is reputable they will be able to prove to you through documentation how the blade was crafted. This is important as you do not want to make a poor investment.

It is always ideal to see Chinese swords in person before you buy them. Doing this will allow you to personally look at the blade as well as grade its overall appearance and value. However, it is not always possible to see a sword in person as they can be somewhat scarce in different parts of the world. When this is the case the best thing to do is buy from a reputable dealer on the internet. With a little time and research you should be able to locate quality Chinese swords that are made by a company or person with a great reputation. If the maker has a poor reputation you may want to look elsewhere for your swords in an effort to avoid losing money on a poorly made piece.