Chinese Broadswords From Paul Chen

When Paul Chen first began crafting high-quality weaponry, he focused solely on samurai swords and various knives. Since then, his company (Hanwei) has expanded into Chinese swords. While these swords don’t have the following that samurai swords enjoy, their collectors are just as rabid about them. One notable Chinese sword manufactured by Hanwei that stands out from the pack is the Practical Kungfu Sword.

Used primarily by Chinese citizens (as opposed to those in the military) these broadswords are particularly effective for blunt cuts. They were favored over more precise swords during the time (19th century) for use by those who were untrained in sword fighting. The blade is 28″ long and due to its heft, seems entirely capable of slicing through thick objects (such as an arm). Despite its look, the blade (like all blades from the Hanwei production line) is as sharp as a scalpel.

At 1 lb. 10 oz., the Practical Kungfu Broad Sword weighs less than a typical Ox Tail broadsword. The balance of the weapon is found at 8″ from the sword’s guard and allows a high level of agility during swordplay. Because of the balance and razor sharpness of the blade, collectors eagerly report that cutting tests yield nearly perfect results. The only component of the Practical Kungfu Broad Sword that consistently disappoints collectors and users is the weapon’s scabbard. Its wooden construction with a slotted opening looks awkward on what is otherwise a beautiful sword.

That being said, the sword handles extremely well and offers precise cutting action. It also makes an ideal sword for practicing martial arts because of its balance and weight. If purchased directly from Hanwei, the Practical Kungfu Broad Sword will cost approximately $219. For the control, balance and finely-constructed blade, this sword is a fantastic piece for your collection.