A Closer Look At A Highly-Acclaimed Paul Chen Sword

The Practical Katana sword is known for its precise craftsmanship, stunning balance and reasonable price. While swords from other manufacturers offer one or two of those qualities, few can match all three. Priced at under $220, the Practical Katana is one of the most highly-distributed samurai swords in existence.

Authentic samurai swords manufactured by Hanwei (formed by world-renowned sword maker Paul Chen) are known for their startling cutting ability. Indeed, by placing your thumb on the sword, a little pressure is all that’s needed to draw blood. This is the first sign of a finely-tuned sword and the Practical Katana excels in this area.

At just over 2.5 lbs., the sword provides balance and ease. Often, samurai swords can feel unwieldy because of their weight. The Practical Katana belies its size with a weight that offers an almost acrobatic sensation while swinging the sword. The weight of the weapon is centered near the handle, allowing flexibility to the wielder.

A true test of a samurai sword’s cutting ability is to slice through a plastic bottle filled with water. Hanwei’s Practical Katana can slice through such bottles smoothly, leaving practically no ragged edge around the cut. To fully appreciate the significance of this, bullets fired from a .22 caliber often fail to penetrate these bottles.

Over the years, Paul Chen’s Hanwei has released several versions of the Practical Katana. Besides the base model, there are also Plus, Pro and Elite Models. Each comes with its own respective distinctions and prices. While the base model can usually be purchased for under $220, the Elite (top of the Practical Katana line) can cost over $400. If you’re looking for a Paul Chen samurai sword that offers fine quality and balance, consider the Practical Katana. Collectors around the world agree that this sword belongs in every collection.